Tiny Souls

Tiny Souls is a new video about the children of Syria, in particular the refugees. You can view it here.


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Abdullah Ahmed, 10

s_s12_06104073Abdullah Ahmed, 10, who suffered burns in a Syrian government airstrike and fled his home with his family, stands outside their tent at a camp for displaced Syrians in the village of Atmeh, Syria, on December 11, 2012. This tent camp sheltering some of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians uprooted by the country’s brutal civil war has lost the race against winter: the ground under white tents is soaked in mud, rain water seeps into thin mattresses and volunteer doctors routinely run out of medicine for coughing, runny-nosed children. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen) 

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SNHR| Syria| Casualties Report| 151 deaths| December 19th, 2012

The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented the death of 151 people across Syria, including 13 children, and 6 women.

Damascus and countryside: 66
Aleppo: 42
Daraa: 17
Dier Alzoor: 8
Hama: 8
Homs: 5
Idlib: 3
Alqunaytirah: 1
Alswyada: 1

Data from the Syrian Network for Human Rights – London

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Mother and Baby, Lost Together… September 2012

Martyr Fatima Mohammed Khosrof and her fetus martyr Abdul Majid Khalid Al Kassim

Martyr Fatima Mohammed Khosrof and her fetus martyr Abdul Majid Khalid Al Kassim

Birth in the Heaven – The whole story

Her childbirth was tomorrow, but the regime shells do not wait until tomorrow …
the Mother was sitting in her house when a shell fell on the house, the shrapnel hit her neck, and she immediately died, then the fetus followed his mom

she was supposed to visit the hospital tomorrow,and get out carrying her small child …
This what really happened today, she and her baby left the hospital not not to their house, but to the cemetery.

Embraced her baby … In the same grave

Eastern ِAl-Bweda 04/09/2012

و لا تنسوا صفحة البويضة الشرقية التي قدمت
و ما تزال شهداء من خيرة أبنائها


فيديو مترجم للنشــــــر SHAREمن إعداد تنسيقية البويضة الشرقية

كان موعد ولادتها غداً الا أن قذائف النظام لم تصبر حتى يوم غد…
الأم … كانت تجلس في منزلها عندما سقطت قذيفة فوق المنزل واستقرت شظية في عنقها أدت الى استشهادا على الفور ومن ثم استشهد الجنين

كان من المفروض أن تزور المشفى غدا لكي تخرج منه وهي تحمل طفلها الصغير …
وهذا ما حصل بالفعل اليوم حيث خرجت من المشفى مع طفلها ولكن لم يعودوا الى البيت بل ذهبوا الى المقبرة…

احتضنت ابنها … ورمينا التراب فوقهم

البويضة الشرقية 4-9-2012

الشهيدة باذن الله فاطمة محمد خسرف

وجنينها الشهيد بإذن الله عبد المجيد خالد القاسم

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23 Children Killed in Airstrikes on Maaret al-Numan in October 2012

Mustafa Al Syeed, who died in airstrikes

Mustafa Al Syeed, who died in airstrikes on Maaret al-Numan

Syrian government fighter jets killed 23 children in the village of Maaret al-Numan in an airstrike in October 2012.

Among those who died on Thursday died was a nine-month-old baby. According to correspondents, one child was decapitated while the body of a second, still on his bicycle, was pulled from the rubble.

Al Jazeera covered the story. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/middleeast/2012/10/20121018225224351381.html

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Cluster Bombs Killed 10 children in Damascus Area in November 2012

Cluster bombs killed 10 children in the Deir al-Asafir area outside Damascus on Nov 26, 2012.  BBC covered the story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-20491697

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Why is the Syrian Regime Killing Babies?

babyWhy the Syrian regime is killling babies…

“Why would a regime, even a brutal dictatorship, send its thugs to kill women and children, even babies? Does it make any sense, even by the twisted logic of armed conflict and tyranny?…

In a most perverse, sickening way, it makes perfect sense…The Syrian dictator is trying to restore a balance of fear, perhaps the most powerful weapon in the hands of tyrants throughout history. Killing children is supposed to intimidate the opposition.”


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32 Children Lost in Syrian Government Massacre

children132 children were among the 90 dead in a Syrian government massacre in Houla, in central Homs province, in May of 2012…

The story was covered in the Telegraph…


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About This Site…

This site honors the hundreds of thousands of children whose lives, limbs, health, innocence, families, homes, schools, hope, and futures have been lost due to the brutal Syrian dictatorship of Bashar Al-Assad. You can also visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lost-Children-of-Syria/476895285690477 or email us at lostchildrenofsyria@gmail.com.

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